Get more Time out of the Day

Get more Time out of the Day

We all have many, many things to do per day, some are more time intensive or bigger projects then other, some things for the private life, things we need to manage every day.
Even when its just washing your car, i show you 6 Tips and Tricks to get more value out of your day.

So first at all we need to understand how we can finish a goal faster.

A goal can be everything accept you have later on more value out then on the start of this special process, so how to speed up?
Experience, knowledge, physical and mental fitness and also the conditions outside can make you finish your goal faster.
If you do not have this conditions, try to reach them.



Kill Bob

First at all i do not mean Bob´s in general, more the way like i say it in the metaphorical way killing Bob means for me to not be one of those people who have a hang over every day, doing nothing with a real reason and just sitting lazy on the couch and so on.
Killing Bob means more to have a personal goal to archive, making something, even when its just cleaning to room, i know we are lazy some times but do not try to be one of these people, just kill Bob.

Work in a Escape Room

A escape room is a room where you need solve puzzles before you can escape this room.
Work like this way, try to solve this special small problem before you make a break or do something other.

Time Vampires

One of the biggest time vampire is watching TV, the average US people watching TV in statistic 4.6 Hours per Day this are 32.2 Hours per Week, this is more then a full day spending useless activity´s and a hobby makes you 6 times more happy then watching TV.
So try to avoid TV, i personally do not have a Television, i also do not watch it and i am no fan of it because you spend so much time on useless things.
A other statistic shows when you just looking 5 minutes on your Smartphone you will become out of balance, even just 5 minutes makes your brain think different and your attention is totally away from your previous activity, so try to avoid it.
Time vampires are everything who brings you in a “Time Maschine” without a escape, we all know the party where you do not really know why you are here – these people you do not really know them and you just watching on your clock and counting your time, these are time consumer, when you do not get something back from your time then try to avoid it.
Your friends will understand that you are just having a big project running and you need to spend time on it, just say im sorry but my project is now in a hot phase and i need to manage this first – real friends understand this.

Do not do shit

Drugs are bad, there is nothing good on it, even when you just drunk – when you mess up the next day, just sitting on the couch watching TV and doing nothing useful, or you can not do what you have in mind then just say no.
Sleep much, when you do not have enough sleep your brain will have 50% less activity and you are not produktive the whole day.
So, No Drugs and No Sleepless Nights!

Wake up your Body

Body and Mind working together, try to wake up your body with 60 Seconds push ups every day when you wake up

Time Arbitrage

When you get 9 € per hour with doing what you are doing and you need to clean you house at the same time you lose money, lets say you find a cleaner who clean your house with 8 € per hour while you work then you have get 1 € to use the service.
A other example is when you need to eat while you are working and i takes 30 minutes to get food and cook it, when you find a service who can cook the food for you and its the same expensive or less expensive then you get € per hour then use the service.

Thanks for the Time.